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Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Lisa, a certified holistic health coach. 

I use to think I ate healthy, but when I couldn’t get back to my pre-baby weight I had to take a serious look at what I was putting into my body. 

I tried so many diets out there — The Zone Diet, raw food, the now defunct eDiets, and many more — but nothing worked. 

At one point I decided I just needed to accept that this was the new me. I even got my wedding ring sized up. 

Then I woke up one morning with the epiphany that I did’t want to look or feel this way anymore.

It was time for a change. 

That very same day, I stumbled on a new way of eating. I reduced the amount of sugar I ate to a minimum per day and lost 35 lbs in 4-1/2 months…and I’ve kept it off to this day (without counting sugar grams). 

Yes, I followed a plan.

But what really helped me lose the weight was….


And that’s what I do now. 

I followed my passion for health and wellness so that I can help others figure out foods and lifestyle habits that work for them.

Because lets face it, it’s not just about the weight, it’s about being healthy. 

And losing weight is the by-product of eating healthy. 

But the world of health is confusing and difficult to navigate.

And that’s where I come in.

I offer you Guidance & Accountability.


What’s in it for you?

A healthy lifestyle that lasts for a lifetime.


How do I do it?

I help you figure out the best foods to eat for you. Not by following a specific diet, but through good, healthy choices that are right for you. 

I offer one-on-one private coaching or DIY online programs where I’m available, if needed, throughout your journey. 

I also touch a little on other aspects of your life, because let’s face it, what’s going on in our lives affects our weight and our health.

Want learn more? Check my Private Coaching here, my Clean Up Your Diet online program here, and my Weight Loss online program here.


Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts…

I had a corporate career in banking, and left it when he market crashed in 2008. I became a Realtor in 2009 but…I loved helping people and hated the stress. I left the world of real estate to follow my passion of health & helping people. My kids were super happy about this move too.

I have 4 amazingly awesome kids. One girl and 3 boys, and they are my world. Oh…and the best husband ever. It’s amazing to marry your soulmate. ♥

I live in sunny San Diego, California and run my global business from my iPhone and computer. Believe me, it’s incredible that I get to do what I do. 

An animal lover at heart, I use to rescue dogs. Thanks to my sweet and cranky pup, I can no longer bring them into my home but I definitely help out when I can!

I call myself a plant-based eater, and I prefer not to eat meat {most of the time;)}.

I always wear black. So much that my kids are shocked if I wear a different color. My opinion? It’s timeless and goes with pretty much everything. Right?

I like my chocolate like I like my clothes, dark. The darker the better, and I eat it every day. Yep. Every. Single. Day. I haven’t gone a day without it in years. Don’t mess with my chocolate!

And my favorite color of cats? I think you can guess this one. :)


Giving Back

I enjoy volunteering at my kids schools and helping out animal rescue groups. 

I have several organizations that I regularly donate to, and using my services or making a supplement purchase helps me give back even more. 

My ultimate goal? As my business grows, the support I’m able to offer will grow. 

To me, helping others is what life is all about.

If you’d like to learn about the organizations I support, please ask! 


Lets Get to Know One Another

Social media is a great place to start. You can find me on many of the platforms as @lisacien (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) or Facebook. Join me over there!

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